What are SIP Trunks?

Technically, SIP means Session Initiation Protocol. In layman’s terms, SIP Trunks are type of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Effectively taking your analogue audio calls and converting them into packets of data, to transmit them over a network (often the Internet). Your voice and data connections are almost certainly vital services for your business. Using SIP Trunks can remove your voice lines and use your data connection to carry both your voice and data traffic, often giving you a more reliable, more robust service; whilst removing your voice line costs, to realize savings, improve your data connectivity or a combination of both. SIP Trunking provides a flexible and low-cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls. This fact sheet will highlight the benefits of moving to SIP


Number Flexibility
SIP Trunking enables you to move office and keep the same geographical number without any outgoing call-forwarding costs or those associated with new company stationary.

Business Continuity

If your office has to be temporarily relocated in an emergency, this can be achieved quickly and cost-effectively with SIP Trunking to keep your business working.

Line Rationalisation

For a business with multiple sites, SIP Trunking provides the opportunity for line rationalisation and reduces the number of PBX's you need to maintain productivity levels.

Save Money

IP connectivity costs less than ISDN. With SIP you will have lower call costs, free internal calls between extensions and offices and lower line rental costs for muli-sites. Also, no expensive call forwarding costs are required should you relocate or need to divert calls in the event of a disaster.


SIP Trunking provides a phone service that will cope with any situation and give you business-grade resilience. Whether you need to keep your business running ina disaster or you need to load balance calls between sites during peak hours, SIP trunking will deliver.

SIP Trunk Call Manager

SIP Trunk Call Manager provides a powerful business continuity solution, giving you the ability to manage your number estate and all aspects of your inbound calls. Consolidate all your numbers into a single platform and never miss a call.

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Discover why it is important to get acquainted with SIP Trunk providers and make sure you don't get stuck with outdated technology. ISDN is quickly getting overtaken by next-generation SIP telephony.


The move to becoming an agile business is not simply a change in corporate mindset. Technology will need to underpin processes. This may mean the use of new software frameworks or the adaptation of existing line-of-business applications.


When first considering a new technology for your business, there are any number of variables you need to consider. SIP trunking and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony is no different. Fortunately, many of these concerns are unfounded. Here are 5 of our top SIP trunking myths debunked.