Reduce both your carbon footprint and your travel expenses. Video and audio conferencing services can increase productivity and with HD quality on video you can have an enhanced service without any additional hardware costs.

Audio Conferencing

CommsFM Audio Conferencing was created with the client in mind. CommsFM Audio Conferencing was designed with the client in mind. You will have complete control over your system as all prompts are customizable and can be adapted to suit your businesses needs.

The service is quick to set up and easy to use, making this service a cost-effective alternative to operator-assisted calls. CommsFM Audio Conferencing is reliable and secure as unlike many of its rivals it does not rely on a data connection. Instead, it runs over a PSTN line and tier one network service.

Cisco Webex

Enhance your productivity in every area of your business. Use Cisco WebEx web conferencing to reach out to colleagues, prospects, customers, and partners wherever they are, right from your desk. Exchange information, make decisions and collaborate faster instantly. Accomplish more while you reduce costs.

You’ll skip the back-and-forth emails and time-consuming trips. Skip the big upfront investment and inconvenient maintenance downtime for online meetings. Instead, Cisco WebEx services are automatically updated and delivered over the web for a low predictable monthly fee.

Cisco WebEx has real-life applications which span further than meetings. WebEx can be used for training, interviews and exchange information, the possibilities go on.