What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a replacement for traditional technologies, such as MPLS and VPN. It applies software-defined networking concepts to wide area networks, greatly enhancing network agility whilst reducing costs. SD-WAN is designed to allow businesses to harness and take control of their network, thus simplifying the process of management and operation of a wide area network.


Evolve your network in line with your needs:
    - Be carrier independent by over-laying services on top of new or existing connections, accelerating delivery time and evolving your network in line with your needs. - Real time modification means urgent changes and updates can be done instantly. - Define prioritisation, routing and security for each application's traffic flow.


With security embedded by default, SD-WAN takes a zero-risk approach.

    - SD-WAN offers a central control point, with change traceability and end-to-end traffic encryption, meaning your infrastructure is underpinned by a secure environment.

    - WAN segmentation isolates critical enterprise assets, guest wifi and business partner access.

    - The solution provides the user with the ability to interconnect multiple WAN links (including mobile access) and define how failover services will intervene, giving you a higher level of business continuity.


Versatile devices make it possible to combine multiple functions and consolidate infrastructures.
    - Reduced infrastructure requirements means reduced reliance on server rooms and cooling needs. - Cut down on your business’ carbon footprint, thanks to a simplified installation process with zero touch provisioning, which makes site visits redundant.

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