What is Mobile Broadband?

If your business requires an internet connection quickly or temporarily, ADSL or fibre broadband may not be an ideal fit. Why? Well, firstly, the standard lead time for broadband installation is 10 working days* from order to installation.


Secondly, contract terms can be strict and your company may incur early termination fees if you need to cancel a broadband service before the contract end date. There is also the extra incurred cost of provisioning a new line for the broadband to run on, every time your business moves location. Mobile broadband can be an attractive solution for organisations who face such problems. If a company decides to choose mobile broadband as their solution they will effectively cut their lead time by 50%, to just 5 working days* from order to installation, even if it's only used to bridge the gap between needing connectivity and getting a fixed line broadband installed. Contract terms are flexible, starting at just 30 days and there is no need for a phone line. Mobile broadband is a plug and play service and if you move site suddenly there is no need to worry; you simply unplug your router and take it with you.


Mobile broadband is also a flexible solution in terms of hardware: it can be used on a router or a USB modem, allowing you to run your business from anywhere. Another ideal use for mobile broadband is using it as a backup service, meaning that if there are any landline network problems in your area you can simply switch over to your mobile broadband, maintaining your business continuity. Mobile broadband is also ideal for locations where broadband speeds are poor but mobile coverage is good.