BT 4G Assure

BT has recently announced one of the greatest developments to the broadband marketplace in recent years and if your internet connection is vital to your business, you’re going to want to know about BT 4G Assure.

    In today's business environment a strong internet connection is essential to the successful operation of any business. Nowadays, many aspects of a businesses day-to-day operation rely on an internet connection. Hosted phone systems, email, CCTV and financial services can all require an internet connection to operate successfully. Therefore, internet downtime is more than just frustrating, it could financially cost your business.

    BT Broadband with 4G Assure is the UK’s first and only broadband service which offer 4G backup as standard, meaning that your router automatically switches to 4G when your broadband service is unavailable. In the event of an outage on your fixed line broadband connection, you’ll stay connected, with your internet access automatically being switched to the mobile network.

  • Quick Connection – As soon as your order is placed and approved, BT will send your router out to you, with 4G set up, within 48 hours. Until the fixed-line broadband is provided, which can take up to 10 working days, you can be online and working on the 4G connection.
  • BT has got you covered – If your broadband switches to 4G Assure, a fault will be logged automatically and BT will get straight to fixing your broadband. In the meantime, you can continue working without interruption.
  • Unlimited means unlimited – With 4G Assure, you’re free to use as much data as you need – with no catches, no caps and no hidden penalties.

4G Assure comes included at no extra cost with Broadband Premium, Infinity Premium and Ultrafast Fibre Broadband.

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