Integrating business mobile phones into your business can improve productivity, agility and create a more resilient contingency plan. Choosing mobile devices and the plan to go with them though can be difficult. There are so many different mobile device options and packages to go along with them, deciphering all this information can be daunting.

When you choose to use CommsFM for your mobile solutions we start by listening to you. This helps us recommend a device that suits your business needs and what your employees are going to be using these devices for.

Our tier one suppliers provide the business-grade mobile device. including phones and tablets, your business needs to be productive. We also supply business grade connections to ensure no matter where your employees are working they will have the best connection available allowing them to stay connected to client and colleagues.

Keep Up With Emails

Mobile gives your employees the ability to use email on-the-go can ultimately make an employee more accessible and responsive overall.

Share Documents

If you keep your data in the cloud, your employees can access it from anywhere, from any device, and instantly update it for your other users to see.

Gain Direct Access to Network Resources

Users can access both your company networks and their own desktop PCs remotely.

Virtually Attend Meetings and Conferences

Modern devices allow users to participate in meetings and conference calls without having to physically sit around that big table in your office’s conference room.

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Business mobile phones

Business mobile phones

Business mobile phones