CommsFM supplies UK businesses with business phone systems, telecoms and IT support. CommsFM supply cost-effective solutions to ensure our clients get the most for their money. We also understand that communications services are vital to the successful operation of any business. Therefore, we tailor all our telecoms and IT solutions to suit each individual customer based on what they want to achieve, how much support they require and what level of resilience they need to feel comfortable.

We have a dedicated service team and each client has a dedicated account manager. This means if you call you will get through to someone who knows all your account details and our service team are here to support you during and after the installation of your new system.

Our team provide honest advice every time and will never pitch you a telecoms or IT solution we are not 100% confident we can supply and support. Big or small our client come first as we strive to provide innovative products and services.

"The phrase big enough to cope & small enough to care has never been so true."

Telecoms Solutions

CommsFM are dedicated to providing the best telecoms solutions for your business.

Data Solutions
Every business needs to ensure their internet links are fast, strong and reliable.


Voice Solutions
Whether it is a hosted or traditional system you require. CommsFM will find a solution that works for your business and your employees.


Mobile Solutions
CommsFM has the right knowledge and experience to provide mobile solutions that meet your businesses requirements.


"I have never come across a company so well organised and diligent when it comes to connectivity provision."

Blog Articles

Moving to a new business phone system

It is easy to get lost in the jargon of technology with people espousing acronyms about features that may or may not make sense to you. So let’s try to narrow down your new phone system into some key areas:

Powerful Communication

Affordable, wireless headsets enable you to walk and talk, with outstanding call quality, even in noisy environments. Headsets are becoming more popular, as businesses realise the true "power of communication".

Upgrade Your Service

Unreliable, slow internet connections cost British businesses time and money. Could your business be entitled to claim a £3,000 voucher to put towards the cost of installing a gigabit internet connection?

Child & Child Casestudy

CommsFM has been working with Child and Child for a year and have managed the installation of their new telecoms system. Read the article to find out more about the problems Child and Child faced and the solution CommsFM supplied.