Double Commission Offer

BT has introduced a new incentive, aimed specifically at the partner channel, offering enhanced payments for connectivity sales.

As a result, CommsFM will be paying our BT Resellers double the first year commission on all new 3 and 5 year data sales, made to SME customers.


This offer will only be available from May 7th, 2018 until September 30th, 2018.


  • - Commission incentive is available for the remainder of Q1 and Q2 of the BT financial year i.e. ending 30 September. To qualify, orders must be placed, with a signed contract being provided to BT Finance (via CommsFM) by the end of the commission incentive period. Any contracts cancelled within 12 months of installation date will have commission clawback applied to the deal.
  • - The offer is only available for new data SME sales during the incentive period i.e. it is not available on upgrades or regrades of existing products.
  • - Incentive offer is only available on 3 year and 5 year BT Partner sale contracts.
  • - Where a dispute arises in relation to this Incentive offer, all disputes will be considered reasonably by BT, but all decisions made by BT shall be final.
  • - The timing of commission payments will remain the same as per normal procedure.
  • - Commission owing to partners after 1st-year payments i.e. Year 2-5 annuity payments, if applicable, will remain the same as per the reseller rate card.
  • - Data products eligible for the offer will include – BTnet, WAN, IP Connect, SHDS and International.
  • - Only available on sales to SME customers. BT’s decision is final for segment allocating purposes.

If you would like more information on this offer please contact your account manager directly or call 0800 975 0700.