Horizon has come a long way...

Over the past 12 months, Gamma has worked hard to improve the Horizon platform and has introduced several new features:

7 New CRM Integrations
Network and Platform Update
Access Controls For Sensitive Data

Voicemail Update

Call Barring Improvements

What’s next for Horizon?

Over the next three months, Gamma will be rolling out a couple of new features and upgrades to the Horizon offering.

CRM Integrator

The Horizon CRM Integrator will be updated to include the following CRM systems:


-Zoho Phonebridge


-Web CRM



Plus level integrations will also be made available to existing integrable CRM systems including:




Horizon Meet

A personal conferencing system.

Horizon 'Meet' will give users several benefits including:

-Audio and web conferencing

-Video Capabilities

-Room to Room Conferencing

-Contextual Messaging

-Artificial Intelligence

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