Child and Child Case Study

Child and Child Case Study 

Child and Child are a prestigious law firm, whose origins trace back to 1850. Since establishment, they have grown and developed significantly, and they now reside in the new Nova development in the centre of London. 

Prior to moving to their new offices in the Nova building, Chris Baete; the IT manager at Child and Child; wanted to investigate the viability of a more appropriate solution to better meet the company’s needs, as well as a new telecoms partner to deliver this. There were several drivers for this decision, with the primary reason being that Child and Child had a negative experience with the then incumbent provider. In Chris’ opinion, what the previous supplier provided lacked features and wasn’t capable of fully meeting the needs of the business. Child and Child needed a provider that was better able to support a business, whilst offering a better quality of service to their customers.

Whilst both parties were in different roles, Chris had established a working relationship with a member of the CommsFM sales team, and the positive experience he had made CommsFM the natural choice for his present and future requirements. Child and Child required more reliable internet and telephony, with better resilience options and better support than they were receiving.

After consultation with CommsFM, SIP Trunks were proposed as the best solution to meet the requirements of Child and Child. At that time, the IT team at Child and Child had limited exposure to SIP but the knowledge and confidence which their CommsFM account manager displayed made Chris choose SIP Trunks as their solution, and was ultimately assured that he was making the right decision – a decision he is very happy with.

During the implementation process, there were several issues created by third parties but when these were reported to CommsFM they were handled quickly and efficiently. The management of the installation ran smoothly, mainly due to the high level of quality communication between Child and Child and their account manager, as well as the CommsFM customer support team. Information shared was acted upon quickly and proactively, regardless of the member of staff who answered the query.  Chris found this degree of shared team knowledge and communication invaluable throughout the project.

“Professional, efficient and friendly is how I would describe CommsFM”, said Chris.

Installation at the Nova building was completed some months ago and the team at Child and Child has been able to realise the benefits of their new solution fully. The internet bandwidth is considerably better, the connection is far more reliable and the management and monitoring of data usage has been invaluable. Through monitoring what the bandwidth is being used for, Chris can view the processes which hinder productivity and adjust accordingly. This allowed Child and Child to adapt their working to better suit their needs.

“I have never come across a company so well organised and diligent when it comes to connectivity provision.The phrase ‘big enough to cope and small enough to care’ has never been so true."

- Chris Baete

Another benefit Child and Child has seen since moving to CommsFM is a significant price reduction, with their telecom costs decreasing by around 90%.

CommsFM would like to thank Child and Child for choosing CommsFM as a supplier and hope we can continue the positive relationship which has been established. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Chris Baete, IT Manager at Child and Child, for participating in this case study.

If you can identify with the problems Child and Child faced before moving to CommsFM, give us a call on 0800 046 3825.

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