The Power Of Conversation 

Affordable, wireless headsets enable you to walk and talk, with outstanding call quality, even in noisy environments. Headsets are becoming more popular, as businesses realise the true "power of communication". Headsets are not just for call centres; they have practical benefits for any workplace where employees spend a lot of time on the phone.

Increase productivity by moving to wireless Jabra professional headsets - give your team the freedom to perform. Free from wires. Free from desks. Free to resolve calls faster, the first time.

Busy professionals who talk to customers for a living need a high-performance, flexible headset solution, to carry out customer conversations - wherever they happen to be.

93% report they are more productive with a wireless headset
Jabra YouGov Study2012

Introducing wireless headsets can give your team the freedom to resolve even complex calls faster
through easier access to expertise. This could mean talking to colleagues with specialist knowledge;
consulting a physical file or document; or reaching out to a manager for advice. This helps solve more customer issues faster, first time, reducing the need for call transfers or call backs.

Never miss an important customer call.

No longer just for customer service employees; wireless headsets are increasingly popular for professional staff, such as financial advisors, consultants, bankers and lawyers; who don’t want to be tied to their desk or who want to keep their hands free. A professional wireless headset that connects to multiple phones is the ideal way to make sure these workers avoid missing an important customer call.

44% of corded headset users report their productivity is negatively impacted by being restricted to their desk.
Jabra Call Centric Study2015

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