E&O Laboratories Case Study

“We were seeking a long-term strategic partner, one who understands the marketplace and who was not only interested in selling us a phone system but was capable of supporting it too. In CommsFM we believe we have found such a partner. We look forward to many years of telephony cost savings and responsive customer service.”

[E&O Laboratories]

The system which E&O previously had was based on an ISDN system. ISDN is going to be taken offline by BT in 2020 and therefore the cost involved with implementing another ISDN system did not equate to a future-proof system. E&O had also suffered from poor support from their previous supplier and found it difficult to have faults with the system rectified. Also, because of where the site is situated (rural Scotland), the broadband connection was not sufficient for the business and was also regularly affected by adverse weather conditions. Finally, E&O found their system difficult to manage and scale to their needs as a growing organisation.

Following a thorough discussion, we agreed to go forward with the installation of a hosted telephony system and a replacement internet connection.

The Telephony system agreed upon was Horizon provided by Gamma giving a complete call solution for 59 desk based telephones allowing for calls to be routed to different teams and complete control from a central web-based console. In addition, we have added soft clients for the customer’s engineers so they can use their mobiles as an extension of the system as long as they have a data connection.

The Internet connection provided was an Internet leased line which provides the breakout for the system replacing the existing ISDN30, which is going end of life, and to act as a more robust and reliable service from the standard ADSL service that was previously on site.

The new system supplied by CommsFM is future proof which meant cost incurred during the installation process would be made back in the long term. Prior to installation of their leased line, E&O stated the broadband speeds which they received were “ridiculous”. After installation of the leased line and point to point system, E&O are now receiving much faster speeds. Finally, E&O had several problems with their previous suppliers especially in regard to their level of support. However, with CommsFM they have not had this issues. CommsFM has supported E&O’s migration to a new system every step of the way and our eagerness to supply such support was one of the reasons we were chosen as a supplier. E&O also praised their account manager John on his ability to build a strong relationship in a short amount of time and his ability to “get things done”.

CommsFM would like to thank E&O Laboratories for choosing CommsFM as a supplier and hope we can continue the positive relationship which has been established. We would also like to extend our gratitude to David Young, IT manager at E&O Laboratories for participating in this case study.

If you can identify with the problems E&O laboratories faced before the implementation of their new system, give us a call on 0800 046 3825.