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In previous years non-geographical numbers have had their share of bad press, quite often because consumers have been wary of the costs associated with calling them. In recent years, non-geographical numbers have become very popular as consumers have had more education and have a better awareness of how much it costs to call a 08 number. Most of the major Supermarkets, Banks, and Retail stores are now only contactable by 08 numbers.

If you've ever moved premises then you're likely to be aware that there can be difficulties when trying to move your number. Virtual numbers allow you to take your number anywhere in the world! Virtual numbers also provide you with the ability to create a presence in an area where you are not physically located. For example, we can provide you with a virtual  0131 number which delivers calls to your office in Glasgow.

We provide a wide range of Virtual and Non-Geographic Numbers from all over the World!

The types of numbers that you can choose from:

  • 0800 & 0808 freephone numbers
  • 01 & 02 UK numbers from local areas e.g 0141
  • 03 numbers
  • 0844 numbers
  • 0871 numbers
  • International freephone, local rate and city numbers

Additional services available on all of these numbers:


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