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We understand that charities are under pressure to be as efficient as possible while minimizing costs. Therefore, until July 31st CommsFM will be offering discount pricing for charities which will include a free Polycom VVX201 and fraud management.

There are two subscription packages available:

3 Year Term -

£8.95 p/m

5 Year Term -

£7.95 p/m

Choosing Horizon will not only mean more money will go to where it is needed most, but there is also several other benefits.

What can Horizon do for you?

  • Horizon gives your business the capacity to never miss a call again. If you are out of the office or working from home calls can be redirected to the device which is most convenient.
  • If your business operates on several sites Horizon can help connect these offices offering free internal calls.
  • The free calls don’t end there. It is also free to call 01/02/03 numbers and UK mobiles.
  • Horizon is flexible and you only ever pay for what you use instead of a fixed contract.
  • Horizon is also a dependable platform with its built-in disaster recovery. This means that no matter what happens your business is backed up and valuable customer data is not lost. It also means that if the worst was to happen (for example an office flood), you and your employees can efficiently work from home and call into the office can be redirected to whichever device is most convenient ensuring business continuity. The Horizon system also has built-in fraud protection protecting you and your customers. 
  • Horizon also allows you to record calls remotely for inexpensive training.
  • Compatible with over 20 CRM systems including sales force and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Provides ROI measurements to improve marketing activities.


 The Horizon brochure can be downloaded here.


Why choose CommsFM?


We are vendor independent which enables us to deliver cost-effective market-leading solutions for our clients. 


We’re constantly thinking about innovative and creative ways to provide new services to our clients. We actively engage with our clients to keep them informed of the latest technologies available to them. We take ownership of client requests and provide regular updates until the inquiry is resolved.


We make things simple for our clients, no matter how complicated the problem may be. We deliver practical and friendly support when they need it and endeavor to resolve customer queries within 24 hours.


We build long-term relationships with our customers by doing what we say we will. We carefully select and manage the Partners we work with to ensure we can deliver the service your business needs at every stage of the process.

Quality Driven

We are determined and passionate about delivering the very best for our customers We are committed to meeting requirements and continually seek to improve our working practices.  Each of our employees is trained to a very high standard and we continue to invest in their training and development throughout their career.

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