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Horizon is a hosted telephone system which sits in a network data centre known as The Cloud. The system is managed through an online portal or mobile app which gives consumers full access to the platform remotely. The aim of Horizon is to support a variety of businesses with a variety of requirements with a flexible, dependable and efficient network.

What can Horizon do for you?

  • Horizon gives your business the capacity to never miss a call again. If you are out of the office or working from home calls can be redirected to the device which is most convenient.
  • If your business operates on several sites Horizon can help connect these offices offering free internal calls.
  • The free calls don’t end there. It is also free to call 01/02/03 numbers and UK mobiles.
  • Horizon is flexible and you only ever pay for what you use instead of a fixed contract.
  • Horizon is also a dependable platform with its built-in disaster recovery. This means that no matter what happens your business is backed up and valuable customer data is not lost. It also means that if the worst was to happen (for example an office flood), you and your employees can efficiently work from home and calls into the office can be redirected to which ever device is most convenient ensuring business continuity. The Horizon system also has built-in fraud protection protecting you and your customers. 
  • Horizon also allows you to record calls remotely for inexpensive training.
  • Compatible with over 20 CRM systems including sales force and Microsoft dynamics.
  • Provides ROI measurements to improve marketing activities.

These are but a few of the features included in the feature rich standard bundle aimed at making your business as efficient and flexible as possible. The system is also easy to use and is technical jargon free but if you ever needed help, contact one of our team for a helping hand. 

Horizon Mobile Soft Phone Client 

Through using the mobile soft client on your android or iOS device the user can make calls, initiate chats and contribute to group chats with colleagues or clients remotely. The app also includes a dial pad to allows users to dial non-existing clients and includes a full call history logging inbound, outbound and missed calls. Also, users will remain in full control of their system as the soft phone client has its own set of settings allowing users to change settings such as:

  • Do not disturb
  • Call forwarding always 
  • Call forwarding no answer
  • Call forwarding busy
  • Remote office
  • Hide numbers 
  • Twinning 

The app can be accessed HERE. Simply download, sign in and go. 

Why Choose CommsFM to deliver Horizon?

The CommsFM Team has a wealth of knowledge of delivering and maintaining both traditional telephone systems and hosted telephony, which spans a number of decades. Our Team understand what is at the core of delivering traditional telephony requirements which enable us to offer reliable advice and expertise on migrating from traditional telephony to hosted telephony, reducing customer migration issues and loss of service.

The reliability of hosted services is dependent on fast, reliable and resilient network/broadband service. We are an independent telecommunications provider, which means that we can advise you on the best 'mix' of services from the best network providers to ensure reliability and resilience on your hosted service.

We have the ability to provide our customers with a full demo of the functionality of Horizon either in the comfort of their own office, or at our office in Glasgow City Centre, which is particularly useful for those clients who would like to see a demo of how the system actually operates in a live environment with a diverse user base.

Contact our Horizon experts on 0800 046 3825 or at sales@commsfm.com for more information or to arrange your free demo! 


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