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Data on the Move

Mobile Broadband keeps you connected when you are on the move and gives you internet access, wherever you are, through your laptop.

Mobile broadband enables you to keep in touch with your office, your colleagues or your clients and ultimately manage your business from anywhere in the world. In order to remain connected, there are two methods a business may consider.


MI-FI - The personal wireless mobile hotspot. This method works through a small portable router which can be used to connect multiple devices. This will run over a 3G/4G network giving you a strong and reliable data connection. 


USB Modem - This is a portable solution to internet on-the-go. Simply have it on your persons' while you are out of the office. The big benefit of using a USB modem is its size. It is very small and therefore very portable. It is also extremely easy to use. Simply connect to your laptop using the USB port and your ready to go, giving you access to a high-speed broadband connection. Also, despite its size, it will still have the capability to carry voice and video calls. 

No telephone lines or access to Wi-Fi required, just direct access to the internet over a 3G network using a dongle or MI-FI.

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