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Our Enterprise Broadband is aimed at supporting end users who regularly need a fast speed Internet access.

Enterprise broadband can be offered on two different service levels: 

  • Enterprise Broadband 
  • Enterprise Broadband Pro (Improved prioritisation over that of enterprise broadband)

Enterprise Broadband is a broadband Internet product for the business market. There are no specific usage limits on Enterprise Broadband accounts and we will not bill customers for excessive usage nor will we disconnect End Users who make heavy use of the service.

As a business service, Enterprise Broadband receives the highest priority on our network at all times with particular emphasis being given to business protocols during business hours.

ADSL2+ broadband with download access speed up to 24Mbit/s, dependant on local telephone line characteristics; upload speed: typically up to 1Mbit/s.

  • Either wires-only or
  • with a Wireless Hub or
  • with a Wired Hub

VIP Care

A VIP Care package is a chargeable option available for those end users who perform a critical role and who need the fastest resolution for any faults.   VIP Care has three key elements:

  • Clear flagging of VIPs through the Workplace - to customer IT teams as well as to our own Enterprise Broadband helpdesk
  • Priority handling of new tickets through the Enterprise Broadband helpdesk
  • The use of Care Level 3 to deliver improved clear times 

What does Care Level 3 include?

Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including UK Bank and Public Holidays.

BT will respond to a fault report within 4 hours of receipt and will clear the fault within 24 hours. (assuming any engineer access that may be required to any user site is made available within that 24 hours)

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Note: where ADSL2+ is not available, or where the line will not support an access speed of greater than 4Mbit/s on ADSL2+, the Enterprise Broadband/Pro option will be provided using IPStream Connect, with download access speed typically up to 8Mbit/s, dependant on local telephone line characteristics; upload speed: typically up to 448kbit/s.

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