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Glympse - Empower your customer and distinguish your brand.


Have you waited all day for a package that didn't come? Or have you ever been given a 5-hour window for a visit or delivery, with nothing happening until towards the end of the window; wasting your time? Waiting around all day can cause your customers to become anxious or annoyed, even if you have given them an ETA.

Put customers at the forefront of your business: Glympse is a fast and free location-sharing app which allows you to share your location with a specified person, for a limited time. This can be used to inform your customers you are on your way or it can be requested by your customers if they begin to worry that you aren't coming. Safe, flexible and easy to use with three simple steps.

1) Select a contact

2) Set a duration

3) Hit send

The recipient will then be sent a link where they can view your GPS location on a map, making it easier for them to know where you are and to reassure them that you value their time.

Glympse is available on both iOS and android, across multiple devices, allowing you to go above and beyond for your clients.

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