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Why we love SMS marketing... and you should too!

SMS is lightning-fast, putting your marketing message straight into the pockets of your audience.

Compared to email marketing, SMS has an extremely high open rate. Essentially, every SMS sent is opened whereas only a fraction of emails sent are ever opened and read.

SMS has an incredibly high rate of subscribers. Whatever your SMS is; whether it be promotional or informative, there is more action taken on SMS compared to any other marketing channel.

Unlike email, SMS does not have to battle spam filters - it is a direct way to communicate with your customers, or potential customers, whilst avoiding the barriers of other channels.

You can send a handful of messages to a targeted group or hundreds of messages to your entire marketing list. SMS is adaptable to you and your marketing objectives; allowing you to create highly targeted campaigns while remaining within your budget. You can also use it to keep your customers informed, with messages to confirm appointments, purchases, or anything else which you deem to be important.

Opting in and out of SMS marketing messages is easy, so it’s very customer-friendly. There is only one step customers must take in order to opt out of marketing messages and there is rarely any exchange of personal information. This means that the marketing campaigns are not being sent to an audience which is not interested in your product and also helps you maintain a high satisfaction rate, even with customers who choose to opt out. 

CommsFM can support you in engaging with customers via SMS and have excellent tools for doing so. If you’d like to discuss how SMS marketing can improve how your business communicates just call CommsFM on 0800 046 3825.


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