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A leased line is a private connection between two or more locations. Also, known as a private circuit or data line. This connection can be used for internet access, business data exchange, video, voice calls and any other form of telecommunication. The word "dedicated" is often used when describing a leased line as the amount of bandwidth you pay for is exactly the amount of bandwidth you get.

Having a leased line comes with several advantages, for example;

  • You can upload and download at the same time. This means you can transfer large files, work remotely or make VoIP calls without hindrance.
  • A leased line is also a flexible telecommunications solution as it can be used for both internet connection and phone calls.
  • Leased lines come with a range of speeds which you can select from depending on the requirements of your business. But because it is a leased line if you purchase 10Gbps, you will receive 10Gps.
  • Security has never been as important as it is today and leased lines give you the peace of mind of privacy. This is a particular benefit for those companies which handle sensitive information such as those in the financial or professional services industry.

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