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1)      You don’t have as much control over your telephony when it’s hosted as you do when it’s on-site

Many businesses feel that when their telephone system is not physically present on the premises they have relinquished control of it. This is far from true, as hosted telephony gives you greater control and flexibility, allowing you to make the changes you require in real-time. This can be done from any web browser, anywhere in the world, rather than having to arrange for an engineer to put your changes in place, at a time which is convenient to them. At CommsFM, we offer a managed service to clients who have hosted telephony, also allowing you to instruct us to make changes, which are carried out remotely and very quickly.


2)      Sound quality is poor on hosted telephone systems

This is a common misconception, largely because most people who haven’t used this type of service in a business context associate making calls over a data connection with services such as Skype or Facebook calling. In most cases, any poor call quality is the result of not having enough bandwidth allocated to telephony. CommsFM would carry out a detailed survey of your requirements and would allocate sufficient bandwidth to you, which will actually deliver better call quality than is available on traditional landlines, with better support and a more robust service level agreement.


3)      Cloud is just a phase

Consumers and businesses have a need to share and access information quickly and on multiple devices. This trend is only set to grow as technology becomes an increasingly integral part of consumer’s lives.


4)      Moving to cloud means IT staff lose job security

This is an unfounded claim. Moving to a cloud-based platform gives IT professionals a chance to expand upon their knowledge and skill base. Moving to a cloud-based platform also automates trivial tasks allowing you to spend more time on projects increase efficiency and productivity.


5)      The Cloud only benefits small businesses not enterprises.

Because of the resource saving nature of hosted telephony and the per user monthly fee, many larger businesses mistakenly think hosted telephony is just for small businesses. However, small businesses are usually the first to adopt new technology as they are agile enough to apply it across the board quickly. Large organisations do not have such luxury. However, the perception of hosted telephony being complicated and costly is changing, as enterprises realise the benefits of hosted telephony. In fact, by 2018 more than 60% of enterprises will have at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms. [Saugatuck Technology Inc] 

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