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BT Cloud Phone App

The BT Cloud Phone app is the essential application for your BT Cloud Phone service. This app allows you to manage your phone system directly from your Apple or Android device, giving you complete flexibility and control. The app allows you to make calls through the mobile app while displaying your business number as your caller ID. Having the BT Cloud Phone app on your mobile device also allows you to answer calls made to your desk phone on your mobile phone if you are out of the office. Similarly, if you accept a call on your desk phone but then find you have to leave the office, this active call can be swapped between devices, making your call handling easy to manage.

Having the BT Cloud Phone app on your mobile phone does not have to be an inconvenience, even if it’s on your personal mobile, as BT Cloud Phone will keep all business calls and messages separate from your personal ones, in order to stop any confusion and you can set the times during which you receive work-related calls. You will also have a complete and detailed call log of both incoming and outgoing calls of all types.

The functionality of the BT Cloud Phone app does not end there. The app can also deliver:

- VoIP calls over Wi-fi / 3G / 4G
- Use the BT Cloud Phone RingOut feature to continue making calls with business caller ID using your mobile network
- See who left a message, forward messages, and tap to return calls with Visual Voicemail. 
- Send and receive faxes, by accessing photos, email attachments, and cloud storage
- View call time, date, and duration, and return calls directly from your BT Cloud Phone call logs. 
- Get notifications of incoming messages. 
- Access your company extensions as a contact group. 
- Conferencing feature with unlimited conference calling for up to 1000 participants per conference

Everything within the app is broken down into easily manageable sections, which allows you to navigate the app simply and aids in your understanding of the app and all of its features. Simply, BT Cloud Mobile app evolves your handset from a mobile to an extension of your desk phone.

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