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Calling all Android users … Join the Ofcom mobile research project.


Today, we use our mobile devices for demanding tasks such as steaming live video, video calls, music downloads…the list goes on but the bottom line is, these tasks are very data-hungry.

Ofcom are launching a large scale crowdsourced project in order to understand the trends of today and shed light on future demand.

On the 27th of September 2016 Ofcom launched a large crowdsourced project for better mobile services. The aim of this study is to create a benchmark for industry and consumers, upon which they can make better informed purchasing and switching decisions. This research campaign will also enhance Ofcom’s mobile coverage maps and consumer research.

Members of the public can contribute to this research through one simple step. Download the Ofcom Research App. By installing this, users will be joining a nationwide panel of volunteers gathering valuable information such as: 

  • Mobile Coverage
  • Reliability of Voice Calls
  • Mobile Broadband Performance
  • User Experience and Habits

Best of all, it requires minimal activity from the user. The app works quietly in the background, measuring the performance of Wi-Fi and mobile networks, allowing you to use your mobile phone as normal. The app will only ever need your input for some feedback from time to time.

The information collected by the new app, such as usage, voice call reliability, signal strength, location and data speeds will be completely anonymous and collated to build a nationally representative dataset. This information can then be used to anticipate Wi-Fi and mobile data demand in the future and aid research, whilst comparing telecoms operators’ quality of service.

This research will give consumers the information they need to make the best decision when thinking about a mobile broadband provider. This information may also be utilised by industry in order to improve service nationwide. 


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