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Amazon Echo


The 360-degree speaker with a brain.

The hover board from Back to The Future 2 (1989), the Transporter from Star Trek (1979), the Neuralyzer from Men in Black (1997) and the classic lightsabre from Star Wars (1977). Many of the gadgets gifted to us by science fiction have not became a reality…as of yet. However, there have been a few, including the tablet computer, mobile flip phones and the Amazon Echo.

In 1968 Star Trek introduced the ultimate computer. This computer could casually communicate with users, answering questions and completing tasks. This technology has now transcended the silver screen and is available in the homes of today. 

Amazon Echo is a voiced controlled speaker which connects to the Alexa Voice Service. It allows you to play music or radio, get information such as news, sports scores, weather and more instantly. The Echo has seven microphones which allow you to be heard from anywhere in the room and also has beam-forming technology, allowing you to be heard from across the room even when music is playing. This is made possible through noise cancellation technology.

Echo has been partnered with hundreds of third-party developers such as text to speech for kindle e-books, Uber, Phillips and Dominos. This allows Alexa to read you a book, call you an Uber, control your heating and lights or order a pizza - all you have to do is ask. 

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