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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been in the CommsFM office for a week now and we must say... we love it. Available on 24 and 36 month contracts, you could be one of the first in your office to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Here are some of the key features:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features Samsung's Infinity Display, which sees almost the entire front of the handset being taken up by the screen, for a completely immersive experience. The sleek design hosts a bunch of technical developments; including Bixby Vision, an iris scanner, water resistance certification and enhanced image processing.

The front screen is also rounded at the edges for a completely integrated design. The home button is now located under the screen at the bottom of the phone so the screen is completely uninterrupted.

The Galaxy S8 is smart too... well its integrated personal assistant is. Bixby Vision makes it easier to do what you want when you want as it can see and interpret what is on your screen.

The Galaxy S8 likely has the most secure unlocking options available of any phone on the market, with an iris scanner, facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, pattern, password and pin protection but don’t worry you only have to set one as your security default.


We asked our technical manager what he thought about his new Samsung Galaxy S8:


Q) Firstly, do you like your new phone?

A) I do. I previously had an iPhone 6 but wanted to try the best that Android has to offer, as I'm not precious about the operating system I use. 


Q) What is your favourite feature?

A) The facial recognition, as it is very convenient, works really well and it’s impressive to show off. I also like the “always on display” - that is a pretty nice feature.


Q) What would you tell someone thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy S8?

A) Get one - it’s the right choice. It is a great phone and all the features work really well. The battery is also great; even though the phone is physically smaller than the previous iteration, the battery is actually bigger. The wireless charging is really handy - all you have to do is put your phone on the charging pad on your desk and you forget about it.


Q) Have you now been converted to android?

A) Not permanently; I like to try out different types of technology. This helps with understanding what's available and more fully supporting what our customers may have.


Q) How easy was it to transfer all your data from an iOS device to Android?

A) Everything was extremely straightforward, with Samsung making it easy to move over all your information. When you get your new phone, there is a cable inside the box. You plug your old iPhone into one end of the cable and your new Samsung Galaxy S8 into the other end. A message box will then pop up on your phone, asking you what information you would like to transfer over, and when you have selected this you just have to wait for the transfer to be completed.


So there you have it: another satisfied customer and a great new flagship phone, which CommsFM highly recommends.



If you'd like to discuss what the Samsung Galaxy S8 can offer you, and the tariffs available please give us a call on 0800 046 3825.


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