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If your business requires a dedicated internet access service that goes beyond the capabilities and resilience of a regular business broadband then you need a BTnet leased line. BTnet gives you your own private, uncontended internet access, which means you do not need to compete for bandwidth. This bandwidth is yours alone, giving you complete control to flex the bandwidth in line with seasonal demands and only pay for what you need. BTnet leased lines also have symmetrical bandwidth, so your upload rate matches your download rate; and speed choices ranging from 2Mbps with Ethernet First Mile to 10Gbps with Ethernet Fibre. 

What comes as standard? 


Dedicated Line

With a 1:1 fully uncontended service, your office gets a private line so you never share the bandwidth with any other internet users.


100% Target Availability SLA 

BT recognises that the internet is critical to your business and offers market-leading service availability. If BT fails to meet their commitment to you, you will get credits against your rental.


Guaranteed Symmetrical Download and Upload Speeds

Symmetrical bandwidths mean that your download and upload speeds match. This is essential for uploading to the cloud, web-hosting, streaming media, sharing large data files and using VoIP.


Ability to Flex Bandwidth Up and Down

Change your bandwidth to suit your seasonal business demands and control your costs by only paying for the bandwidth you need.


Unlimited Usage

There is no fair-usage policy; you can use as much data as you like.


Fully-Managed Cisco Router

Comes with engineer installation and an option for "wires-only" if you prefer to manage the routing in-house.


Ultra-Low Latency

Critical for applications such as financial trading and VoIP, where every millisecond counts.


Support 24/7/365

Technical support for your BTnet Leased Line is available 24 hours a day, both online and via a free to call help desk.


Online Reporting On Network Performance

Monitor bandwidth utilisation and network performance.


If you would like more information on BTnet or any other telecoms services please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0800 046 3825. 

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